The Nuclear Hydrogen Initiative, a 40-member coalition of nuclear energy and hydrogen energy companies, will collaborate to develop hydrogen energy production powered by nuclear facilities, reports E&E News.  “This is an opportunity to bring together these two industries that have the potential to catalyze decarbonization at the scale and the speedContinue Reading

At least two dozen private- and public-sector hydrogen hub proposals have been submitted in response to the U.S. government’s commitment to invest $9.5 billion in hydrogen development, reports S&P Global Market Intelligence. Proposals have come from across the country, but oil and gas producing states are confident that existing infrastructure, suchContinue Reading

Renewable energy accounted for 29.3% of all electricity produced in the United States in April 2022. Wind and solar alone outpaced nuclear production, for the first time ever, by 17.96%, reports Solar Power World. The numbers reflect an ongoing trend in the U.S. energy market as investors take interest in low-carbonContinue Reading

The Department of Energy has announced plans to allocate $25 million in funding for six research projects intended to explore clean hydrogen technologies and hydrogen-powered electricity generation.  “The public-private partnerships announced today are paving the way for more domestic clean hydrogen production and use to support the President’s plans to combat climateContinue Reading

Investment in clean energy has been on a steep upward path for years. Now, oil and gas companies are becoming some of the largest new investors in clean energy projects, reports the Fort-Worth Star Telegram. Koch Industries, a long-time oil and gas supporter, has invested nearly $1.7 billion in advanced energyContinue Reading

The Department of Energy is supplying $800,000 for a study which will evaluate the possibility of converting an Alabama gas plant to partially run on hydrogen fuel, reports Utility Dive. The system would generate hydrogen, store it, and then return it to power production at times of peak demand. The projectContinue Reading

Apex Clean Energy has signed a memorandum of understanding with Ares Management, EPIC Midstream and the Port of Corpus Christi Authority to explore the  development of a leading green hydrogen production, storage, transportation, and export operation, including a newly constructed dedicated pipeline and a green fuels hub to be located at theContinue Reading

As global energy leaders increasingly adopt hydrogen technologies, China appears to be leading the way, recently announcing a technological breakthrough in hydrogen engines, reports to PV Magazine. The United States and Canada are leading the way in carbon-capture technologies rather than hydrogen, but with growing market interest and promise of increasingContinue Reading