An avalanche of factors, ranging from Russia’s ongoing invasion of Ukraine to a recent fire and subsequent closure of a Texas natural gas export facility, is propelling global demand for natural gas to critical levels, reports Bloomberg.  “This is the 1970s for natural gas,” says Kevin Book, managing director at ClearViewContinue Reading

The Biden Administration approved a total of 1,696 federal drilling permits between March and May, bringing the total number of undeveloped permits to roughly 9,000, reports Energy Wire. Despite an abundance of permits, oil and gas representatives say workforce and supply chain challenges, coupled with a strong skepticism of Biden’s futureContinue Reading

Demand for oil, gas and petroleum products has quickly rebounded as the world recovers from COVID-19. Meanwhile, supplies have been crippled due to Russia’s ongoing invasion of Ukraine. Despite this, many U.S. oil refiners have no plans to expand operations, according to Marketplace.  “Investors do not want to see companies pouringContinue Reading

Investment in clean energy has been on a steep upward path for years. Now, oil and gas companies are becoming some of the largest new investors in clean energy projects, reports the Fort-Worth Star Telegram. Koch Industries, a long-time oil and gas supporter, has invested nearly $1.7 billion in advanced energyContinue Reading