Renewable energy accounted for 29.3% of all electricity produced in the United States in April 2022. Wind and solar alone outpaced nuclear production, for the first time ever, by 17.96%, reports Solar Power World. The numbers reflect an ongoing trend in the U.S. energy market as investors take interest in low-carbonContinue Reading

Texas is smashing energy demand records as the state undergoes a record heat wave. Despite concerns over reliability, the grid has so far pulled through, thanks to wind and solar energy, reports CNN.  “Texas is, by rhetoric, anti-renewables. But frankly, renewables are bailing us out,” said Michael Webber, an energy expertContinue Reading

Investment in clean energy has been on a steep upward path for years. Now, oil and gas companies are becoming some of the largest new investors in clean energy projects, reports the Fort-Worth Star Telegram. Koch Industries, a long-time oil and gas supporter, has invested nearly $1.7 billion in advanced energyContinue Reading

Technological breakthroughs over the last decade have enabled wind and solar energy to experience record-breaking growth. Now, new projections show that reaching a national use of 80% clean energy by 2030 is possible without increasing any costs on consumers, reports Forbes. Energy experts predict that clean energy has the potential toContinue Reading

The Texas electrical grid is being powered more and more by renewable energy as the cost of development falls and reliability increases with the improvement of battery storage technology. Wind and solar powered generation is now becoming cheaper than natural gas, and Texans are seeing the benefits, according to the HoustonContinue Reading

GE Renewables has signed a contract with Veolia North America to recycle wind turbine blades removed from its US-based onshore turbines during upgrades and re-powering efforts, according to Veolia’s news release.  Veolia will repurpose the blades at their facilities for use as raw materials for cement manufacturing. Veolia has a successful history ofContinue Reading

The Trump Administration has announced plans to change the rules surrounding key renewable energy tax credits, such as the Production Tax Credit, reports Reuters. The future changes weren’t specified, but it is sign of hope for wind and solar developers concerned about missing cut-offs due to project delays caused by COVID-19. “The COVID-19 crisis has disrupted supply chains,Continue Reading

With an estimated 15 gigawatts or more of wind-power set to be installed in 2020, wind developers are fighting both the Production Tax Credit deadline, and market chaos caused by COVID-19. Developers are encountering delays in equipment deliveries and the challenge of ensuring construction sites are fully staffed, reports GreenTechMedia.  RenewableContinue Reading