A recent study by the Lawrence Berkley National Laboratory has revealed that, while many agree expansion of transmission infrastructure is necessary to keep energy costs down, the economic benefits are understated and under-appreciated by grid planners, reports Utility Dive.  “Many existing transmission planning approaches are likely understating the economic value of newContinue Reading

The Nuclear Hydrogen Initiative, a 40-member coalition of nuclear energy and hydrogen energy companies, will collaborate to develop hydrogen energy production powered by nuclear facilities, reports E&E News.  “This is an opportunity to bring together these two industries that have the potential to catalyze decarbonization at the scale and the speedContinue Reading

Production of Volkswagen’s first American-built electric vehicle has kicked off in Tennessee, with the automaker announcing plans to bump production at the factory to 7,000 cars per month, reports the Associated Press. The Chattanooga factory, which employs more than 4,000 people, will mainly rely on North American parts for assembly, with theContinue Reading

Energy experts are emphasizing that ongoing concerns about the reliability of Texas’ electric grid highlight the need for expanded energy storage capacity, reports Utility Dive. While thermal and renewable generation have collaborated this summer to keep the grid online, long-term energy storage can store excess electricity produced by renewables to deployContinue Reading

The U.S. Army’s recently installed floating solar array highlights the untapped potential of installing solar farms on human-made reservoirs, reports The Hill. Floating solar farms hold unique advantages over land-based solar farms, such as the ability to be installed in coordination with existing hydropower facilities, eliminating the need to build newContinue Reading

At least two dozen private- and public-sector hydrogen hub proposals have been submitted in response to the U.S. government’s commitment to invest $9.5 billion in hydrogen development, reports S&P Global Market Intelligence. Proposals have come from across the country, but oil and gas producing states are confident that existing infrastructure, suchContinue Reading

Renewable energy accounted for 29.3% of all electricity produced in the United States in April 2022. Wind and solar alone outpaced nuclear production, for the first time ever, by 17.96%, reports Solar Power World. The numbers reflect an ongoing trend in the U.S. energy market as investors take interest in low-carbonContinue Reading

An avalanche of factors, ranging from Russia’s ongoing invasion of Ukraine to a recent fire and subsequent closure of a Texas natural gas export facility, is propelling global demand for natural gas to critical levels, reports Bloomberg.  “This is the 1970s for natural gas,” says Kevin Book, managing director at ClearViewContinue Reading