Texas is smashing energy demand records as the state undergoes a record heat wave. Despite concerns over reliability, the grid has so far pulled through, thanks to wind and solar energy, reports CNN.  “Texas is, by rhetoric, anti-renewables. But frankly, renewables are bailing us out,” said Michael Webber, an energy expertContinue Reading

As part of Illinois’ state program to increase renewable energy capacity, Vistra Energy’s Joppa power plant in Massac County will receive $40.7 million to convert the plant into a solar energy, battery storage hybrid facility, reports WSIL. The project will breathe new life into the local economy, as the plant was alreadyContinue Reading

The Department of Energy has announced plans to allocate $25 million in funding for six research projects intended to explore clean hydrogen technologies and hydrogen-powered electricity generation.  “The public-private partnerships announced today are paving the way for more domestic clean hydrogen production and use to support the President’s plans to combat climateContinue Reading

Investment in clean energy has been on a steep upward path for years. Now, oil and gas companies are becoming some of the largest new investors in clean energy projects, reports the Fort-Worth Star Telegram. Koch Industries, a long-time oil and gas supporter, has invested nearly $1.7 billion in advanced energyContinue Reading

Engineers at Stanford University have developed a solar cell capable of generating electricity at night by using a thermoelectric generator that pulls electricity from the small difference in temperature between the ambient air and the solar cell itself, reports NPR.  “Our approach can provide nighttime standby lighting and power in off-grid and mini-gridContinue Reading

The Department of Energy is supplying $800,000 for a study which will evaluate the possibility of converting an Alabama gas plant to partially run on hydrogen fuel, reports Utility Dive. The system would generate hydrogen, store it, and then return it to power production at times of peak demand. The projectContinue Reading