As part of Illinois’ state program to increase renewable energy capacity, Vistra Energy’s Joppa power plant in Massac County will receive $40.7 million to convert the plant into a solar energy, battery storage hybrid facility, reports WSIL. The project will breathe new life into the local economy, as the plant was alreadyContinue Reading

Despite being home to the largest inland coal refinery in the country, Indiana is welcoming what will be the nation’s largest solar farm to date, highlighting the state’s swiftly changing energy portfolio, reports Grist.   Local communities are welcoming a much-needed economic boost. The project is expected to bring $1.5 billion inContinue Reading

The bipartisan infrastructure bill making its way through congress will allocate $11.3 billion to clean up abandoned coal mines in regions like Appalachia, according to E&E News. The funding would have a significant impact on states in this region that have been struggling for years with toxic waste and pollution from thousands of abandonedContinue Reading

Nearly 1,100 miners were joined by union advocates in New York on Wednesday to protest unfair treatment by Warrior Met Coal, reports The Guardian. After dramatically cutting wages while declaring bankruptcy in 2015, Warrior Met Coal has also made work conditions stricter.  “We have debt collectors all over our people because weContinue Reading

The use of coal as a fuel source peaked in the 1930s, now coal is swiftly disappearing from the energy portfolios of most developed countries, according to The Economist. Competition from cleaner, cheaper energy sources such as natural gas and renewable energy has made banks and investors turn away from coal,Continue Reading

Coal demand has tanked over the past decade amid competition from cheap natural gas and expanded renewable energy sources. Now, plummeting energy demands due to COVID-19 have accelerated coal’s decline, with a 3% drop in electricity use expected in 2020, reports AP News.  Six of the top seven U.S. coal companiesContinue Reading

The Hill reports that United States Energy Secretary Dan Brouillette has announced a $64 million-dollar coal research initiative, dubbed ‘Coal FIRST’. The plan was developed in an effort to “produce more coal-based power more efficiently and transform it into a near-zero emissions energy source,” says Brouillette. Brouillette acknowledges that coalContinue Reading