Ford Motors announced new plans to convert three existing plants to build new electric vehicle and gas-powered models, a move which the company says will create nearly 6,200 new jobs across Michigan, Ohio and Missouri, reports CNBC. In addition to the facility upgrades and new positions, Ford says nearly 3,000 temporaryContinue Reading

The Department of Energy is giving a $107 million conditional commitment loan to Syrah Technologies, the operator of a plant in Vidalia, Louisiana which produces natural graphite-based active anode material crucial for manufacturing batteries, reports Canary Media. Unlike previous loans by the DOE meant to aid research and development, Syrah TechnologiesContinue Reading

Engineers at Stanford University have developed a solar cell capable of generating electricity at night by using a thermoelectric generator that pulls electricity from the small difference in temperature between the ambient air and the solar cell itself, reports NPR.  “Our approach can provide nighttime standby lighting and power in off-grid and mini-gridContinue Reading

The role of battery storage in energy development and utility-resource planning continues to soar, with a record-smashing 3,508 megawatts of battery storage added to the U.S. electric grid in 2021, reports Inside Climate News. Since 2016, battery storage capacity has increased by more than 1,200%, and rapidly improving technologies have dramaticallyContinue Reading