Energy experts are emphasizing that ongoing concerns about the reliability of Texas’ electric grid highlight the need for expanded energy storage capacity, reports Utility Dive. While thermal and renewable generation have collaborated this summer to keep the grid online, long-term energy storage can store excess electricity produced by renewables to deployContinue Reading

The role of battery storage in energy development and utility-resource planning continues to soar, with a record-smashing 3,508 megawatts of battery storage added to the U.S. electric grid in 2021, reports Inside Climate News. Since 2016, battery storage capacity has increased by more than 1,200%, and rapidly improving technologies have dramaticallyContinue Reading

As demand for energy storage technologies skyrockets, researchers have been investigating how to recycle precious materials crucial for manufacturing the lithium-ion batteries used in battery storage. Now, a breakthrough in research has developed recycled batteries which can actually perform better than new ones, according to Scientific American.  “Recycling of lithium-ion batteries—gettingContinue Reading

United Airlines is set to purchase 100, 19-seat electric, battery-powered airplanes from Swedish developer Heart Aerospace, according to Reuters. The automobile industry is booming with electric vehicles. Now, the airline industry is following as major airlines come under increasing pressure to cut emissions. The plane will enter service as soon asContinue Reading