Ford Motors announced new plans to convert three existing plants to build new electric vehicle and gas-powered models, a move which the company says will create nearly 6,200 new jobs across Michigan, Ohio and Missouri, reports CNBC. In addition to the facility upgrades and new positions, Ford says nearly 3,000 temporaryContinue Reading

Lawmakers are working fast to determine the next step to counter rising fuel prices following the White House’s announcement to ban Russian oil imports, a move with strong bipartisan support, reports E&E News. While some say the recent push to lower energy emissions has led to the current price spike, othersContinue Reading

The last decade has been transformational for the energy landscape of the United States. As the year ahead promises to be full of changes, Utility Dive outlines some of the key trends in the power sector to keep an eye on in 2022. Wind and solar energy continue to outpace growth predictions,Continue Reading

It has been nearly a year since Texas experienced the historical electric grid collapse and subsequent blackouts, which left millions of Texans in the dark for days and claimed the lives of hundreds. Now, the details of the event and the response of power regulators and legislators are outlined by TexasContinue Reading