It has been nearly a year since Texas experienced the historical electric grid collapse and subsequent blackouts, which left millions of Texans in the dark for days and claimed the lives of hundreds. Now, the details of the event and the response of power regulators and legislators are outlined by TexasContinue Reading

The Texas electrical grid is being powered more and more by renewable energy as the cost of development falls and reliability increases with the improvement of battery storage technology. Wind and solar powered generation is now becoming cheaper than natural gas, and Texans are seeing the benefits, according to the HoustonContinue Reading

The entire world is entering an era unknown in our lifetimes, and the economic and social disruptions that will occur over the coming year will be painful, and lasting. Demand for energy is falling, coinciding with the precipitous drop in economic activity, and oil and gas prices have been devastatedContinue Reading

The coronavirus continues to disrupt the global oil market as demand falls sharply and investors begin to worry. The Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) met in Vienna last week to debate who ought to slash oil production in response to the market crisis. Saudi Arabia and Russia, theContinue Reading

Environmental issues rank as a top concern among independent and moderate voters who will play critical roles in the 2020 election, prompting the GOP to release plans to address climate change, reports Forbes. Unlike the progressive Green New Deal, which was rejected by members of both parties for being tooContinue Reading