Researchers are exploring the secondary benefits solar farms can bring to agriculture, including providing a place to grow new types of crops, and restoring over-plowed ground for grazing benefits, reports the Associated Press.  “There’s lots of spaces where solar could be integrated with really innovative uses of land,” said Brendan O’Neill, aContinue Reading

Florida Light and Power announced that the first battery storage component has been installed at the FPL Manatee Energy Storage Center in Florida, moving construction forward on what will be the largest solar-powered energy storage project in the world once complete, reports ABC 7.  “Energy storage is an essential piece ofContinue Reading

Technological breakthroughs over the last decade have enabled wind and solar energy to experience record-breaking growth. Now, new projections show that reaching a national use of 80% clean energy by 2030 is possible without increasing any costs on consumers, reports Forbes. Energy experts predict that clean energy has the potential toContinue Reading

The Texas electrical grid is being powered more and more by renewable energy as the cost of development falls and reliability increases with the improvement of battery storage technology. Wind and solar powered generation is now becoming cheaper than natural gas, and Texans are seeing the benefits, according to the HoustonContinue Reading

Oklahoma pipeline operator Williams has announced plans to install solar farms at natural gas processing plants and facilities in 9 states, reports the Houston Chronicle. Williams views natural gas and solar power as complimentary technologies with both financial and environmental benefits.  “Natural gas is key to our country’s ability to addContinue Reading

Stable returns and the opportunity for low-risk investment make wind and solar industries enticing to investors struggling in today’s market volatility, reports the Wall Street Journal. Financial experts say that renewable energy companies are positioned to rebound even stronger when the pandemic is over. For now, only 4% of near-term windContinue Reading

NextEra Energy, the world leader in wind and solar energy, announced today that its family of companies will commit $1.5 million in COVID-19 emergency assistance as the virus continues to plunge the global economy while posing a major threat to the United States healthcare system. NextEra Energy reports that theContinue Reading