Oklahoma’s use of renewable energy continues to increase, with a record 40.2% of the states generated electricity now coming from renewable energy sources, reports The Oklahoman. The new statistic is a continuation of renewable energy growth in Oklahoma.

Oklahoma is one of the leading states in renewable energy deployment, according to Mark Yates, vice president of the Advanced Power Alliance and its policy director in Oklahoma. Alliance data showed that in 2019, Oklahoma ranked second for the amount of wind energy its wind farms generated, and third for the amount of wind capacity installed.

“This data tells a story,” said Yates, “Clean energy is a partner to the state’s abundant power resources of natural gas, hydro, and coal.” Yates noted that wind was outpaced by one energy source, natural gas, which generated 46.3% of the state’s electricity, reports The Oklahoman.

More than $20 billion has been invested in renewable energy projects in Oklahoma so far, including from major companies such as Google and Amazon, who wish to shrink their carbon footprint.

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