Lawmakers are working fast to determine the next step to counter rising fuel prices following the White House’s announcement to ban Russian oil imports, a move with strong bipartisan support, reports E&E News. While some say the recent push to lower energy emissions has led to the current price spike, othersContinue Reading

Apex Clean Energy has signed a memorandum of understanding with Ares Management, EPIC Midstream and the Port of Corpus Christi Authority to explore the  development of a leading green hydrogen production, storage, transportation, and export operation, including a newly constructed dedicated pipeline and a green fuels hub to be located at theContinue Reading

A new trade group seeking to promote geothermal energy in Texas, the Texas Geothermal Energy Alliance (TxGEA), was established last month, reports Reuters. The group has support from large oil and gas companies and utilities firms looking to transition away from oil and gas to lower-carbon energy.  “Decision makers and thoughtContinue Reading

It has been nearly a year since Texas experienced the historical electric grid collapse and subsequent blackouts, which left millions of Texans in the dark for days and claimed the lives of hundreds. Now, the details of the event and the response of power regulators and legislators are outlined by TexasContinue Reading

Despite being home to the largest inland coal refinery in the country, Indiana is welcoming what will be the nation’s largest solar farm to date, highlighting the state’s swiftly changing energy portfolio, reports Grist.   Local communities are welcoming a much-needed economic boost. The project is expected to bring $1.5 billion inContinue Reading

Shell continues to expand into renewable energy through a recent acquisition of solar and energy storage developer Savion, according to a recent press release. “Savion’s significant asset pipeline, highly experienced team, and proven success as a renewable energy project developer make it a compelling fit for Shell’s growing integrated power business,”Continue Reading