The use of coal as a fuel source peaked in the 1930s, now coal is swiftly disappearing from the energy portfolios of most developed countries, according to The Economist. Competition from cleaner, cheaper energy sources such as natural gas and renewable energy has made banks and investors turn away from coal,Continue Reading

GE Renewables has signed a contract with Veolia North America to recycle wind turbine blades removed from its US-based onshore turbines during upgrades and re-powering efforts, according to Veolia’s news release.  Veolia will repurpose the blades at their facilities for use as raw materials for cement manufacturing. Veolia has a successful history ofContinue Reading

The Trump Administration has made changes to the National Environmental Policy Act, a Nixon-era piece of environmental legislation, making it easier to build highways, pipelines, chemical and solar plants and other projects, according to the Associated Press.  The decision marks another in a line of slashed regulations which have come toContinue Reading

Oklahoma pipeline operator Williams has announced plans to install solar farms at natural gas processing plants and facilities in 9 states, reports the Houston Chronicle. Williams views natural gas and solar power as complimentary technologies with both financial and environmental benefits.  “Natural gas is key to our country’s ability to addContinue Reading

The Trump Administration has announced plans to change the rules surrounding key renewable energy tax credits, such as the Production Tax Credit, reports Reuters. The future changes weren’t specified, but it is sign of hope for wind and solar developers concerned about missing cut-offs due to project delays caused by COVID-19. “The COVID-19 crisis has disrupted supply chains,Continue Reading