“Energy storage is key to capturing the full value of our diverse energy resources,” Energy Secretary Dan Brouillette said in a statement as the Department of Energy announced a 10-year plan dubbed the “Energy Storage Grand Challenge” aimed at accelerating the development and commercialization of energy storage technologies.  EnergyWire reportsContinue Reading

California has long sought to be a leader in addressing climate change, often speaking internationally where the United States has been silent, or reversing course as seen in the US withdrawal from the Paris Climate Agreement.   In an effort to help lower its aggregate greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, America’s mostContinue Reading

As anyone who lived through the rise and fall of the dot.com bubble can attest, the emergence of new, poorly understood technologies in the investment market creates opportunities that can be extraordinarily exciting, or extraordinarily painful. In many cases, even the most savvy investors and industry players are flying blindContinue Reading

Juno Beach-based electricity “powerhouse” Florida Power and Light (FPL) has announced plans to construct the world’s largest solar powered energy storage facility to serve its market in Florida. With a storage capacity of 409 MW, four times larger than that of the worlds current record holder, the Manatee Energy StorageContinue Reading

Publicly saying what has been well known in the power generation industry for some time, NextEra Chairman and CEO James ‘Jim’ Robo voiced his company’s recognition that renewable generation and storage, deployed together, are cheaper to operate then coal, natural gas, or nuclear power plants. Speaking at the Wolfe UtilitiesContinue Reading