As global energy leaders increasingly adopt hydrogen technologies, China appears to be leading the way, recently announcing a technological breakthrough in hydrogen engines, reports to PV Magazine. The United States and Canada are leading the way in carbon-capture technologies rather than hydrogen, but with growing market interest and promise of increasingContinue Reading

Ford is partnering with battery recycling company Redwood Materials to lay the groundwork for a domestic supply chain for electric vehicle batteries that relies on closed-loop recycling, reports Axios. The move will address growing concern for needing to mine and acquire the precious metals used to make products like batteries. ReadContinue Reading

The nation’s largest airlines have voluntarily stepped forward to announce higher targets for the use of sustainable aviation fuels, reports Reuters. The industry group, which includes large names like American Airlines, Delta Airlines, and United Airlines, will support a target of 3 billion gallons of sustainable aviation fuel by 2030.  WhiteContinue Reading

Tesla has formed a new subsidiary, called Tesla Energy Ventures, which filed in mid-August to become an electricity-provider for Texas, according to Texas Monthly. Tesla would enter the competitive market of over 120 electricity providers in a time when the state is considering drastic market-design changes. The company is suspectedContinue Reading

The Biden Administration says it plans to restart the federal oil and gas leasing program with auctions for offshore drilling permits in the Gulf of Mexico to begin as early as October, reports Reuters. The White House paused the oil and gas leasing program in January to evaluate its environmental impact andContinue Reading