United Airlines is set to purchase 100, 19-seat electric, battery-powered airplanes from Swedish developer Heart Aerospace, according to Reuters. The automobile industry is booming with electric vehicles. Now, the airline industry is following as major airlines come under increasing pressure to cut emissions. The plane will enter service as soon asContinue Reading

The Electric Reliability Council of Texas, the states main grid operator, is buying more power reserves in an attempt to avoid electricity blackouts like the ones which occurred during February’s historic winter storm, reports Bloomberg.  “ERCOT’s roadmap puts a clear focus on protecting customers while also ensuring that Texas maintains free-marketContinue Reading

General Motors, one of the nation’s leading car manufacturers, will invest in a lithium project which could become the largest lithium mining project by 2024, reports Reuters. The multimillion-dollar investment arrises as automakers struggle to find resources to manufacture electric vehicles.  “This will supply a sizable amount of our lithium needs,” saidContinue Reading

U.S. natural gas producers like EQT Corp, Chesapeake Energy, and liquefied natural gas firms Cheniere Energy and NextDecade Corp, are considering developing “greener gas”, which would be “reasonably produced”, accredited by environmental groups, and sold at 5% above market value, reports Reuters. Gas producers hope raising environmental standards will help them maintain businessContinue Reading

The White House has approved infrastructure framework drafted by a bipartisan group of senators which would allocate $73 billion to improving the nation’s electricity grid and infrastructure, according to Utility Dive.  “Investing in our grid and EV infrastructure at significant scale makes complete sense for jobs, a more reliable grid, andContinue Reading